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Excuse me, Marvel?

Yes hi.  Big fan.  Really.  But um, could you maybe, you know:

  • Black Widow put her in everything okay
  • More Falcon even if it’s like he shows up and eats pizza and tells everyone to believe in themselves 
  • Like a lot of Hawkeye movies at least four Hawkeye movies
  • Take care of Chris Evans he’s special to me
  • Bucky okay like let him cry on screen that’d be nice please


A fan

PS Please

I feel like a Hawkeye/Falcon buddy cop flick is necessary.

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white women of hollywood, reducing japan and japanese culture to cupcakes, sexy ”costumes” and submissive sex-kittens since god knows when

The far right girl w/ Gwen Stefani KNOWS shit’s about to get awkward.

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People being angry about ~dem gays~ on Target’s Facebook.

I just want to give my two cents on this and tell you a story.

A couple weeks ago, I was hired at Target. I have a job at Target. Not a big deal right?

It is a big deal because i’m a transman

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that it’s hard for me, my brothers, and sisters to get a job. There are legal restraints regarding the job and if you don’t pass, it’s hard to be taken seriously at a job interview.

Right on the application, it asks what your preferred name is. It also asks if there is anything that target should know. I put the fact that I am a transman, expecting not to get a call because usually when you put that down, people will throw out the application. I got TWO interviews.

At the interview, they asked me about it. I told them I am on hormones and they told me that they didn’t care. Not in the sense that they don’t emotionally care, but that it didn’t matter. I was male and that’s all that mattered. They also told me that they give sex same couples benefits in states that do not recognize them as a married couple.

At my job orientation, I was not misgendered once. Even my supervisors who weren’t sure of my gender avoided pronoun use, which I found only happens when you’ve had pronoun training. They gave me a name tag with my preferred name and didn’t ask questions. I felt safe and respected, which is huge for a trans* person.

TLDR: Target is amazing not just for the LGB, but also the T. Shop there for the rest of your life.






lol In Avengers 2 Natasha keeps up her “finding Steve a date” thing and Steve just gets super frustrated with it and just turns to her, I don’t care when but just turns to her and says 

"Men, Natasha.  Men."

And she blinks for a minute and then smiles and asks.

"What about Sam?"


"Clint?  He’d be cool with that, you know.  Ecstatic, actually." 



"Isn’t he with Pepper?"

"Do you want him to not be with Pepper because I could do somethi-"

"Natasha, no!"

But basically it doesn’t stop she just takes a few seconds to switch gears and that’s LITERALLY all it takes.

"Pepper would thank me!"

"Please stop."

"…………Are you pining after Bucky or something?"


"What are you two talking about?"

"Oh Steve’s not inclined towards women."


"What do you want, Barton?"

"My fifty bucks!"

"Wait what?  Wait.  Really?"

All the while Steve is just groaning and Natasha is smiling all wide and happy.

"Now, Stark!"

"No but wait, really? Like really, really? Steve?"

"We shouldn’t be having this conversation in the field."

"Is that a no or…?"

"…..Yes. I am not inclined towards women."

And Tony just stares and has to make a sudden revaluation of his life

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"better get off Tumblr now"


image"but wait what is that?!"

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The NYPD tried to start a hashtag outpouring of positive memories with their police force. 

If this were ever a bad idea, it was probably the worst idea for arguably the most corrupt police force in America. 

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